Other Tutorials

In addition to the Getting Started Tutorial tutorial and the Foundational Concepts articles, we are starting to accumulate some other tutorials:

User Permissions

There are subtle aspects of Humio's permissions that an administrator should be aware. This tutorial talks about them and explains how to administer user permissions.

Log Management

Log data is the most common and basic method for getting both real-time and historical insights from servers and their systems. This tutorial explores some aspects of managing logs, properly.

Ingesting Application Logs

For those who are developing their own application and want to send its logs to Humio, this article may be helpful. Clicking on the heading here to read more.

Migrating from Elastic Stack

If you've been using the Elastic Stack, with either Filebeat or Logstash, and want to migrate to Humio, this article can explain the process to do so.

To read any of these tutorial articles, just click on the heading for the one that interests you here — or on the links at the top of each page in this section.

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