Getting Started Tutorial

Learn the basics of Humio with our Getting Started guide

Humio is a platform for consuming and monitoring event data ingested from logs. The software is designed to be used by system administrators and DevOps to monitor large quantities of data from logs, derive the individual events within those logs, and parse the content in order to extract key data points from the source. The extracted and identified data can be used to build graphs, identify anomalies, and create alerts to monitor your systems.

In this guide, we will take you through the steps of trying the Humio software where you will learn how to configure, ingest, and use Humio to process your data. The basics that you will learn during this tutorial can be applied to production deployments with your own data.

Deploying Humio

Humio is available using two primary deployment methods, Humio Cloud or On Premise:

  • Humio Cloud requires no installation, with the service deployed within a private, secure SaaS solution. The Cloud service is automatically upgraded to the latest version of Humio and enables you to ingest data from your servers into a secure data repository.

  • On Premise installation enables you to deploy Humio on your own infrastructure. An On-Prem install can be completed on bare metal, virtual instances, or a variety of different container-based deployments using Kubernetes. On-Prem installation can be to a single node or multiple nodes within a cluster.

For all installations, the primary interface for managing your Humio deployment uses a web-based interface. The web interface can be used to monitor all of your Humio servers, query your data, create dashboards and views, and configure alerts for your incoming data.

Trying Humio

The tutorial consists of two separate sections designed to demonstrate how to use the Humio environment, and then support you sampling Humio's capabilities using your own data:

Configure Log Shippers

The Humio Made Simple tutorial is a basic overview of the Humio environment, introduces you to the basic components of Humio, and takes you through the built-in Humio tutorial.

Humio with Your Data

For a more in depth guide to the different systems in Humio, Humio with Your Data will guide you through the process of ingesting your own data into Humio, running sample queries, creating dashboards and encourages you to understand the Humio interface.

Once you have completed these training sessions, you can get an in-depth view of the different elements of Humio using Foundational Concepts.

When you've completed the Getting Started guide, if you're convinced that Humio is for you, you can contact us to help you to integrate it into your production system.