PingFederate serves as a global authentication authority that allows any user to access securely Humio. It integrates with identity standards like SAML, OAuth, and OpenID Connect.

To configure the PingFederate for integration with Humio, first complete the instructions in Creating an SP Connection with your IdP PingFederate. From SP Connections, select the SP Connection.

Then navigate to Browser SSO --> Configure Browser SSO --> SAML Profiles tab. From the list of profiles shown there, select SP-INITIATED.

Click Next twice, and go to Configure Assertion Creation --> Attribute Contract. At that point you'll add email as the Attribute Contract.

From SP Connections, select SP Connection, then go to Browser SSO --> Protocol Settings --> Configure Protocol Settings --> Allowable SAML Bindings.

You'll then see a list of options. Select REDIRECT and click Save.

Now, click Server Configuration --> Administrative Functions --> Metadata Export. Then click Next.

Select SP Connection again and click Next. Then select the Signing Certificate, and click Next.

At this point, a metadata file has been generated. This file holds information you will need to set up Humio to communicate with PingFederate. Export that file and then click Done.

You're now ready to configure Humio, using the metafile you just exported.

To configure Humio on your own server, go to the top of this page on Configuring Humio. To use SAML with Humio Cloud, go to the Identity Providers documentation page.

See the Ping Identity Documentation for more information on PingFederate.