Functionality Permission Requirements

The following lists detail which functionality (and their corresponding pages) require which permission to use.

Specifying Quotas

Monitoring Usage in LogScale

  • View usage

Creating a New Alert

Managing Alerts

Setting Alert Throttle Periods

Field-Based Throttling

Scheduled Searches

Bucket Storage


Event Forwarders


Ingest Tokens

Custom Tokens

Delete a Token

Edit a Token

Generating Ingest Tokens and Assigning Parsers

Organization Query Monitor

  • Monitor queries

S3 Archiving for LogScale Cloud

Install a Package from a File

Install a Package via UI

Installing and Updating Packages

Uninstall a Package via UI

Update a Package from a File

Update Packages via UI


Assigning Parsers to Ingest Tokens

Creating a New Parser

Create a Repository

  • Create repository

Delete a Repository or View

  • Delete all repositories

  • Delete all views

Lookup Files

Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

  • Change organization permissions

  • Manage users

Managing Groups

  • Manage users

Assigning Roles to Groups

  • Manage users

Managing Roles

  • Manage users

Managing Users

  • Manage users

Fleet Management

  • Change fleet management