Managing Users

If you want to give a user access to a repository, you will need to make sure that the user exists in the system. To create a new user — assuming you're using the LogScale Community or Cloud:

  1. Click on your profile avatar in the upper right corner and select Organization SettingsUsers on the left.

  2. Click + Add User and then provide an email address of the user to add. This will start an invite process for the user. After the user first logs in successfully, they'll be visible in the Users list.

    Creating a User on Cloud

    Figure 207. Creating a User on Cloud

If you're not on Cloud but are using a self-hosted (on-premise) installation, adding a user here will create the user immediately and without an email invitation, therefore the username does not need to be an email address in that case.

Another typical configuration for on-premise installations of LogScale is to set the configuration option AUTO_CREATE_USER_ON_SUCCESSFUL_LOGIN to true. This will automatically create the user in LogScale after a successful login.


You have access to the Users page and can add users if you are the Organization Owner or have been granted with the Manage users organization level permission.