Managing Roles

Permission Requirements
  • Manage users permission

For each role, the permissions granted via the role are displayed in the User Interface. While LogScale comes with a predefined set of roles (i.e., Admin, Member and Deleter), they may be customized to your specific needs. Keep in mind that it's generally a good idea to grant as few permissions as possible and to add more as needed.

See the full list of available permissions at Role Permissions.


You need to be an Organization Owner on Cloud or a root user on on-premise installations to have access to the Roles page and assign roles to users. Or you need to have the Change user access permission:

Change User Access

Figure 256. Change User Access

Adding new roles or customizing existing roles is done via the Roles settings page, as follows.

  1. Click on your profile avatar in the upper right corner and select Organization SettingsRoles on the left.


    Figure 257. Roles

  2. Click + Add and enter a name for your new Role e.g., Searcher.

    Adding Roles

    Figure 258. Adding Roles

  3. Set the permissions for the new role. For example, if you wish to create a strictly read-only role, tick the Data access checkbox and nothing else, then click Create role:

    Assigning Permissions to Roles

    Figure 259. Assigning Permissions to Roles

    The new role can now be assigned to users or groups. Note that if a user is assigned more than one role in a repository or view by way of being a member of more than one group or by being a member of one group and having a role assigned directly, the permissions assigned is the combination of all roles involved.

  4. To customize a role and change its permissions, select the role and click Edit role:

    Customizing Roles

    Figure 260. Customizing Roles