Role Permissions

The individual permissions available for a role can be seen here.


The Shorthand form is used if you choose to setup a permissions file or using the API.

Table: Data Access Permissions

Permission Description Shorthand/API Settings
Data read access Grants read access to data through the Search, Dashboards and Files pages. If unchecked, all other permissions can be used exclusively through the API.. DataReadAccess

Table: Data Permissions

Permission Description Shorthand/API Settings
Delete data sources Allow deleting individual data sources in a repository. DeleteDataSources
Delete events The ability to delete events. DeleteEvents
Delete repository or view Allow deletion of repositories and views. DeleteRepositoryOrView
Change data retention The ability to change the data retention. ChangeRetention

Table: Search Permissions

Permission Description Shorthand/API Settings
Change connections for a view Allows changing the repositories defined within a view. ChangeConnections
Change dashboards Allow creating and updating dashboards. ChangeDashboards
Change dashboard read-only token Allow creating and deleting shared dashboards tokens. ChangeDashboardReadonlyToken
Change default search settings Allow editing the default search query and time interval. ChangeDefaultSearchSettings
Change files Allow creating and updating uploaded CSV files. ChangeFiles
Change saved queries Allow creating and updating saved queries. ChangeSavedQueries
Change view or repository description Allow changing view or repository description. ChangeViewOrRepositoryDescription
Connect a view Allow creation of views that involve connecting to this repository. ConnectView

Table: Ingest Permissions

Permission Description Shorthand/API Settings
Change Ingest tokens Allow creating and editing ingest tokens. ChangeIngestTokens
Change parsers Allow creating and updating parsers. ChangeParsers

Table: Integration Permissions

Permission Description Shorthand/API Settings
Change S3 archiving settings Allow editing the configuration for S3 archiving. ChangeS3ArchivingSettings
Change event forwarding Allow setting up event forwarding. EventForwarding
Change packages Allow installing, updating and removing pacakges ChangePackages

Table: Trigger and Action Permissions

Permission Description Shorthand/API Settings
Change triggers and actions Allow configuration of automated alerts or actions ChangeTriggersAndActions

Table: User Permissions

Users Description Shorthand/API Settings
Change data deletion permissions Special permission needed to be able to assign the permissions (DeleteEvents, DeleteDataSources, DeleteRepositoryOrView and ChangeRetention). ChangeDataDeletionPermissions
Change user access Allow adding or removing existing users or groups to this view/repo. ChangeUserAccess