Searching for Data

Search for data and work with fields in the User Interface

The data stored within LogScale can be searched, and many types of operations can be performed with fields in the User Interface.

  • The Search Box

    As a first step to search data, you will need to enter a query in the The Search Box.

  • Event Fields

    There are different kinds of Event Fields you can search.

  • Displaying Fields

    Fields coming from the events are listed in the User Interface, see Displaying Fields.

  • Selecting and Filtering Fields

    The available fields can be searched and filtered, for details see Selecting and Filtering Fields.

  • Adding and Removing Fields

    Fields can be added or hidden, for details see Adding and Removing Fields.

  • Inspecting Events

    Single events can be selected for inspection, for details see Inspecting Events.

  • Formatting Columns

    Field columns' layout can be adjusted, and you can choose among several formatting types, for details see Formatting Columns.

  • Field Interactions

    Contextual menus are available for interacting with fields, for details see Field Interactions.

  • Choosing a Different Visualization

    Data can be displayed in different types of chart, for details see Choosing a Different Visualization.

  • Expanding Time Frame

    To change the time frame of a search, see Expanding the Time Frame.

  • Saving a Search

    The results of a search can be saved in multiple fashions, see Saving a Search.

  • Exporting Data

    The results of a search can be exported in different formats, see Exporting Data.

  • Changing the Events Display

    Some buttons in the User Interface allow changing how events are visualized, see Changing the Events Display.

  • Changing the Events Display

    The User Interface highlights information on the status of a search, see Checking the Status of a Search.

  • Event List Interactions

    Events can be searched dynamically and items explored in detail using interactions, see Event List Interactions.