Humio Server 1.9.3 Preview (2020-04-22)

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Security Fixes, Bug Fixes, and timeChart() Improvements

A few security vulnerabilities have been discovered as part of a proactive penetration test. None are known to have been exploited. More information will be forthcoming.

Bug Fixes

  • Functions

  • Other

    • New options for dealing with missing data in Time Charts.

    • If at startup the global-snapshot.json file is missing, then try loading the ".1" backup copy.

    • Allow more concurrent processing to take place in "export" query processing.

    • Styling improvements in the "Style" panel for widgets.

    • New Time Chart interpolation options.

    • the query metric only measured time for streaming queries, now it includes non-streaming as well.

    • Improves responsiveness of the recent queries dropdown, and limits the number of stored recent queries to .0 per user per repository.

    • Improve disk space monitoring when using bucket storage.

    • Security: [critical] Fixed more security vulnerabilities discovered through proactive penetration testing (more information will be forthcoming).

    • The segment queue length metric was not correct when segments got fetched from bucket storage by a query.

    • api-explorer not working due to CSP inline script.

    • Allow dots in tagged field names.