Humio Server 1.6.9 Stable (2019-11-25)

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Bug Fixes and a new background job that reduces number of small files on disk. No configuration changes required, but see changes to backup in 1.6.6.

Bug Fixes

  • Summary

    • Improved memory usage from having large global.

    • New background job: Find segments that are too small compared to the desired sizes (from current config) and merge them into larger files. For COMPRESSION_TYPE=high this will recompress the inputs while combining them. This job runs by default and may be turned off by MERGE_UNDERSIZED_SEGMENTS_ENABLED=false.

    • Detect when event ingested are more than MAX_HOURS_SEGMENT_OPEN (24h by default) old and add the tag humioBackfill to them in that case to keep "old" events from getting mixed with current "live" events.