Humio Server 1.6.4 Archive (2019-09-30)

VersionTypeRelease DateEnd of SupportUpgrades FromData MigrationConfig. Changes

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements. Retracted - did not properly support existing events in ingest queue.

No data migration required, but see version 1.6.3.

Bug Fixes

  • Summary

    • New metrics tracking number of active datasources, internal target latency of digest, number of threads available for queries, latency of live query updating and segment building, and latency of overall ingest/digest pipeline tracked for each repository.

    • Improved performance of timecharts when there are many series and timechart need to select the "top n" ones to display.

    • Bug Fix: Creating new labels while adding labels to a dashboard did not actually show the labels as available.

    • Improved word wrap of events list.

    • /query endpoint and queryjobs endpoint now coordinate thread usage lowering the maximum total number of runnable threads from queries at any point in time.

    • Do not install this build. Do not roll back from this build to 1.6.3 - update to 1.6.5 instead.