Humio Server 1.6.2 Archive (2019-09-04)

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Event List Columns and Bug Fixes. The release replaces the event list on the search page with a table view where you can control which columns you would like to see.

Bug Fixes

  • Summary

    • The special handling of @display has been removed. The field is now like any other. If you use it today, you can add it as a column in your default columns.

    • Improve scheduling of uploads in S3 archiving to achieve better throughput.

    • You can now add favorite fields to your views. These fields will always be started to the top of the fields panel, and be visible even if they are not part of the currently visible events.

    • The default order of the events on the search page has been reversed. It is more natural to have newer events (lines) below older ones - just like logs appear in a log file. This can be changed in "Your Account".

    • Use the keyboard arrows and Enter key to quickly add and remove columns while in the "Filter Fields" textbox.

    • Browser minimum versions get checked in the UI to warn if using a version known to miss required features.

    • Bug Fix: Fixed issue where some cluster nodes where configured differently than others, it would trigger a dashboard reload every 10s.

    • New Event List with customizable columns.

    • The UI now only checks the version of the Humio installation when determining if it should reload dashboards.

    • Users are now notified about the dashboard reload 5s before reloading.

    • Saving a default query for your repository also saves the selected columns and will show them by default.

    • If a field that you would like a column for is not present in the list of fields. You can manually add it from the toolbar of the fields panel.

    • The fields panel is open by default. You can change this in "Your Account" preferences.

    • Bug Fix: timechart with limit selecting top series was nondeterministic when live.

  • Functions

    • New query function hashMatch() to be able to search (for exact value) on top of the hashed values.

    • New query function hashRewrite() to hide values of selected fields