Humio Server 1.6.0 Archive (2019-08-22)

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Improved compression. Note Widgets and YAML Template Files

Dashboard Note Widgets can include descriptions and can contain template expressions and links to external systems using the current parameter and time values

Read more about note widgets at Note Widget

We are also introducing a new YAML file format for dashboard templates. The new format is much human-readable. It is the first step to being able to persist all entities (parsers, queries, alerts) as files.

Support for the now deprecated dashboard file import API and JSON format will continue, but expect it to be removed in a later release.

Bug Fixes

  • Functions

    • New function urlEncode() and function urlDecode() functions allow for encoding or decoding the value of a field for use in urls.

    • The function parseJson() now accepts an exclude and include parameter. Use this to specify which fields should not be included.

    • New function start() and function end() functions provides the time range being queried as fields.

  • Other

    • Pending parameter edits toggle, so that parameter changes are not immediately applied if the user desires not to.

    • Bug Fix: Changing Dashboard labels will no longer trigger a "Dashboard was modified remotely" notification.

    • Renaming a repository is now possible in settings.

    • Introducing a new YAML dashboard file format.

    • New function copyEvent() function allows duplicating an event into another datasource while ingesting. Use case to make the two events differ.

    • COMPRESSION_TYPE=high turns on a stronger compression when segments get merged. This results in better compression, at the expense of having slightly lower compression for the very recent events. The improvement is typically 2-3 times better compression for the merged segments.

    • The sizes of the compressed files and the associated hash-filter files are tracked separately for the merged part, allowing you to see in the UI how well the long-term compression works as part of the total set.

    • COMPRESSION_TYPE=extreme uses the stronger compression also in the digest part, even though it is not as effective there due to the gain from having a larger file after the merge.

    • Added cluster information pages for the Zookeeper & Kafka Cluster used by Humio. Both are available under Administration.

    • COMPRESSION_TYPE=fast (Default!) corresponds to versions before 1.6.x

    • Added GraphQL fields for shared dashboards.

    • Note! Rolling back to v1.5.x is supported only for COMPRESSION_TYPE=fast which is the default in this release. The default is expected to change to "high" later on. The new compression types "high" and "extreme" are considered BETA release.

    • Changed GraphQL fields for dashboard widgets.

    • Bug Fix: Styling of the dashboard "Labels" dropdown has been fixed.

    • Added Note Widget support for dashboards.

    • Removed internal REST API for shared dashboards.

    • COMPRESSION_LEVEL now supports the range 0 - 9. Default is now 3 for fast type, and 9 for the others. (Up to 17 was allowed previously: Check your config, as values above 9 will be rejected and Humio will refuse to start!)

    • Bug Fix: Drawer heights were not being persisted between browser sessions.

    • The function sort() query function now ignores case when sorting strings.

    • COMPRESSION_LEVEL_MINI allows adjusting the compression level for high and extreme types of the compression inside the critical digest pipeline. Default is 0, max is 6. Keep low for optimal digest throughput.

    • This update does not support rolling updates. Stop all Humio nodes. Then start them on the new version.