Humio Server 1.5.5 Archive (2019-04-03)

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Event Context

Bug Fixes

  • Summary

    • Fix bug in regex not recognizing [0-9] as part of \w

    • Uploaded files cannot be bigger than specified in the config MAX_FILEUPLOAD_SIZE. Default value is .0 megabytes. The default value is used in our cloud.

    • Live timecharts could accumulate data for 2 buckets instead of 1 into the bucket that was right-most when the charts starts.

    • A GET on /api/v1/users that lists all known users on the system no longer includes information on the repositories for the user, as that made it too slow.

    • Display information on disk space usage of primary / secondary storage location in cluster management UI.

    • New event context searches let users select and search around one specific event.

    • Segment merging could reuse a tmp file when the system was restarted, which would block the merging process on that host from making progress.

    • Restart all relevant queries when an uploaded file gets changed. This allows live queries and alerts to refresh using the latest version of the file.

    • The size of the Drawer, showing event details on the search page, is remembered (by being saved to local storage)

  • Configuration