Humio Server 1.5.18 Archive (2019-06-26)

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New function parseXml() and support ephemeral drives for caching.

Bug Fixes

  • Summary

    • Bug Fix: Parameter input fields for query based parameters initially always showed * even when a default value was set. It now correctly shows the default value for the parameter.

    • Humio can now keep a cache of the latest files on when told the path of a cache-dir using CACHE_STORAGE_DIRECTORY. Humio will then write copies of some of the files from primary and secondary storage here, assuming it is faster to read from the cache. The cache does not need to remain after a restart of Humio. CACHE_STORAGE_PERCENTAGE (Default 90) controls how much of the available space on the drive Humio will try to use. This is useful on system such as AWS where the primary data storage is durable but slow due to being across a network (e.g. EBS) while the server also has fast NVME-drives that are ephemeral to the instance.

    • New built in parser corelight-es to parse Corelight data send using the Elastic protocol.

    • Bug Fix: Certain regular expressions involving ^ and $ could fail to match.

    • Bug Fix: Reduce size of global snapshots file.

    • MAX_EVENT_FIELD_COUNT (default .0) controls the enforced maximum number of fields in an even in the ingest phase.


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