Humio Server 1.2.8 Archive (2019-01-17)

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Maintenance Build

Bug Fixes

  • Summary

    • Config "KAFKA_DELETES_ALLOWED" can be set to "true" to turn on deletes on the ingest queue even when KAFKA_MANAGED_BY_HUMIO=false

    • Cloning built-in parsers made them read-only which was not intentional.

    • Live queries in a cluster where not all servers had digest partitions could lead to events being stuck in the result when they should have been outside the query range at that point int time.

    • Handle HTTP 413 errors when uploading too large files on the files page

    • Support for applying a custom parser to input events from any "beat" ingester by assigning the parser to the ingest token.

    • Better names for the metrics exposed on JMX. They are all in the com.humio.metrics package.

  • Functions

    • New function, mostly for use in parsers scope: parseCsv() parses comma-separated fields into columns by name.