Humio Server 1.2.11 Archive (2019-01-31)

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Support for non-loadbalanced queries, optimizations and Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

  • Summary

    • Changes to desired digest partition to node assignments did not get reflected in other nodes until a restart of the other nodes.

    • Allow any user to query the humio-audit log, but only for the actions of the user. Looking at the actions of others requires being a member of the humio-audit repo.

    • When your query matches more than .0 events, you can now scroll further back in time than those .0, "paging" through the older events. This works for any "non-aggregate query".

    • Write Humio metrics into the new repo humio-metrics. Any user can query metrics but only for the repos they can search. Looking at metrics that are not repo-specific requires being a member of the humio-metrics repo.

    • New "Zoom and pan" buttons to quickly change the search interval: Double the time-span or move the search interval 1/8th of the span to either side.

    • When your load-balancer does not act as "sticky" as described in Cluster Setup, Humio now internally proxies requests to the proper internal node for search requests.

  • Functions