Humio Server 1.14.3 Stable (2020-09-24)

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Bug Fixes and Improved Query Scheduling

Bug Fixes

  • Summary

    • Improve naming of threads to get more usable thread dumps.

    • Add logging to detect issues when truncating finished files.

    • Changed the query scheduling to account for the work of the overall query, rather than per job started. This allows fairer scheduling of queries hitting many dataspaces e.g. when using search-all.

    • Fix missing cache update when deleting a view.

    • Improve handling of sub-queries polling state from the main query when using join().

    • Change priorities when fetching segments to a node which have been offline for a longer period. This avoids waiting too long before the cluster becomes fully synced.

    • Fixed an issue where a slow data stream could cause Humio to retain more data in Kafka than necessary, as well as cause a restarted Humio node to reprocess too much data.