Humio Server 1.13.0 Preview (2020-06-24)

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Many improvements, including some related to free-text searching, load balancing queries, TLS support, IPlocation( ) query function, and some configuration changes.

Bug Fixes

  • Configuration

    • The data source for the ipLocation() query function is no longer shipped with humio but installed/updated separately.

    • Added support for WebIdentityTokenCredentialsProvider on AWS.

    • Introduced a new ChangeViewOrRepositoryDescription permission for editing the description of a view or repository. This was previously tied to ConnectView and any user with that permission will now have the new permission as well.

    • Free text search now searches all fields rather than only @rawstring.

    • Humio can now balance and reuse existing queries internally in the cluster. See Configuration Settings.

    • Internal communication in a Humio installation can now be encrypted using TLS. See TLS.