Humio Server 1.1.0 Archive (2018-06-21)

VersionTypeRelease DateEnd of SupportUpgrades FromData MigrationConfig. Changes

Minor Release

Bug Fixes

  • Summary

    • Added documentation for Kafka Connect Log Format.

    • Amazon AMI available in the Amazon marketplace.

    • Improved Fluentbit integration to better support ingesting logs from Kubernetes.

    • It is not possible to rollback to previous versions when upgrading. Backup Global data by copying the file /data/humio-data/global-data-snapshot.json. Then it will be possible to rollback (with the possibility of loosing new datasources, users, dashboards etc that was created while running this version).

    • Dataspaces has been split into views and repositories. This allows searching across multiple repositories and adds support for fine grained access permissions. Read the introduction in this blogpost and check out the Repositories and Views documentation.

    • Moved some of the edit options from the dashboard list to the dashboard itself.

  • Functions