Humio Server 1.0.41 Archive (2018-01-19)

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Regular update release.

Bug Fixes

  • Summary

    • Fixed bug: Multiple problems on the Parsers page have been fixed.

    • Fixed bug: If Kafka did not respond for 5 seconds, ingested events could get duplicated inside humio.

    • Better Page Titles for Browser History.

    • Fixed bug: Cancelled queries influenced performance after they were cancelled.

    • Startup time reduced when running on large datasets.

    • Added suggestions on sizing of hardware to run Humio: Instance Sizing.

    • New front page page. You can now jump directly to a dashboard from the front page using the dropdown on each list item. All dashboards can also be filtered and accessed from the "Dashboards Tab" on the front page.

    • Fixed bug: replace() function on rawstring@ now work also for live part of query.

    • More guidance for new users in the form of help messages and tooltips.

    • For on-prems: You can now adjust BLOCKS_PER_SEGMENT from the default of .0 for influence on size of segment files.

    • Renewing your API token from your account settings page.

    • Fix bug #35 Preventing you from doing e.g. groupby for fields containing spaces or quotes in their field name.

    • New implementation of Query API for integration purposes.

  • Functions

    • sort() and table() function now supports sorting on multiple fields. Sort also supports sorting using "type=hex" as numbers when the field value starts with "(-)0x", or the type=hex argument is added.