Creating a View

Views allow you to group together the specific events from one or more repository, additionally views can be used to limit access to data by some users. The reason this last feature is useful is because in a repository you can't hide or restrict users to specific data.


You can not use views to view details from other views only from repositories, therefore you can not link multiple views.

  1. Go to the Repository and Views page.

  2. Click + Add New... and select the View icon.

    Create a View

    Figure 51. Create a View

  3. The fields within add view form marked with a * (asterisk) are required and must be filled in:


    Figure 52. Details

  • View Name is the name of the View

  • Description is the description of your View

  • Repository and an Event Filter, you can set the event filter to * to retrieve all the events in the repository. When you choose a repository and enter a filter, another row is displayed, you can use the row to add another repository and event filter. This allows you to add pull data from multiple repositories.

When you're finished, click + Create View.

Next Steps