Insights Package

LogScale comes with a built-in package, named humio/insights . The purpose of the package is to give insights into a running LogScale cluster. The package is a collection of dashboards and saved searches making it possible to monitor and observe a LogScale cluster.

It is installed and available in the LogScale repository by default. This package also serves as good examples to further build on. Read about Packages.

LogScale's Marketplace is continuously updated with new versions of the package. To install it in a repository go to Settings -> Marketplace, select the humio/insights package and press Install. When installed new dashboards and saved queries will be available in the repository.

When running a LogScale cluster in production we highly recommend shipping the logs to another LogScale cluster and use the humio/insights package there. See the documentation on Log LogScale to LogScale.

You can find documentation on how to use the insights app below. Here it is documented what each Dashboard means and what each widget should show.

Insights App Dashboards :