Configuring Identity Providers for LogScale Cloud

One of the preferred methods for handling authentication is to use Security Assertion Markup Language, using the SAML 2.0 protocol. To do this with LogScale Cloud, you'll first have to set up an authentication provider. However, user authentication for an organization is only available for paid customers. To upgrade, contact the LogScale Sales Department.

Falcon LogScale and Falcon Long Term Repository

Falcon Long Term Repository (FLTR) customers are provisioned through the Crowdstrike Falcon IDP after they have been provisioned. Additional users can be added through the Falcon company account management; LogScale organization owners can add LogScale users by creating the user and sharing the sign-up URL. Alternative authentication methods are supported but users will need to login via their configured IDP.

Assuming your organization is already an enterprise customer of LogScale, you may use one of the following identity providers:

For more information on any of these providers or all of them, see the Authentication with SAML documentation page.