LogScale supports OpenTelemetry, or otel, a tool for ingesting telemetry data (logs, metrics, and traces) into LogScale. LogScale can receive data sent using the OpenTelemetry data delivery protocol, or OTLP, thus enabling collecting data from any source which uses OpenTelemetry. LogScale's logshipper endpoint receives binary-encoded Protobuf data sent over HTTP. If the source uses JSON-encoded Protobuf then the data must be routed through the OpenTelemetry Collector.

Using otlphttp as the method, the ingested data is translated into a JSON structure and then Parsers can be applied. For authentication use the authorization header with an ingest token:

Authorization: "Bearer ingest token".

OpenTelemetry works well when ingesting logs into LogScale. You can also ingest traces and metrics, taking advantage of LogScale as a good storage solution. Due to how LogScale handles event data, some metrics are treated as usual LogScale events, but some traces might require additional effort in the query language.

The following examples shows how to configure an exporter for traces, metrics and logs pipelines. The data will automatically be routed to the correct place within LogScale.


    endpoint: "http://url/api/v1/ingest/otlp"
      Authorization: "Bearer ingest token"