Falcon LogScale Collector 1.3.0 GA (2023-2-7)

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Fleet management now supports remote configuration of LogScale Collectors. This gives an administrator the option of managing the configuration of LogScale Collector instances in LogScale, instead of managing configuration files directly on the device where LogScale Collector is installed.

Improvements, new features and functionality

  • Configuration

    • The configuration of LogScale Collectors can be managed in LogScale. This is accomplished using configurations and enrollment tokens stored in LogScale.

      To be able to manage the configuration of collectors in LogScale, collectors need to be enrolled to remote configuration, this is done using enrollment tokens.

      Two new pages have been added to the Fleet Management tab in the LogScale user interface.

      • The Config overview page, lists all available configurations and the number of LogScale Collectors using each configuration. The page furthermore allows you to create new configurations. See Managing Remote Configurations for more information.

      • The Enrollment tokens page lists all available enrollment tokens, and allows for creating new enrollment tokens.

        The actual enrollment of a LogScale Collector is performed by executing an enrollment command on the device with the installed LogScale collector instance. The command to be executed can be grabbed from the enrollment token page. See Managing LogScale Collector Instance Enrollment for more information.

      The Fleet overview page, which displays the status of all LogScale Collector instances, now includes the name of the assigned configuration to each LogScale Collector.

      It is still possible to use the Fleet Overview without enrolling LogScale Collector instances in remote configuration, in which case configuration will need to be managed directly on the device with installed collector. See LogScale Collector Fleet Management Overview for more information.