Humio Log Collector 1.1.3 GA (2022-10-03)

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Improved troubleshooting on Windows, improved checkpointing on disk and fix for a bug on the data sink type.

Improvements, new features and functionality

  • Debugging

    • Improved troubleshooting On Windows platforms -- the Log Collector will send errors and warnings to the Windows event log.

    • Improved Checkpointing to disk -- In case of failure writing checkpoints to disk, an error will be logged and writing to disk will be retried with exponential backoff for up to 1 second. This avoids a potential race condition, in which an external program (e.g. an anti-virus program) locks a file that is being simultaneously accessed by the Log Collector.

Bug Fixes

  • Collecting Data

    • When sending data to a configured sink the http-header: Content-Type is now set to application/json.