Humio Log Collector 1.0.0 Stable (2022-04-23)

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linux_amd64.rpm 8482625c6795954d137609b77737c7c719ce457d4a4b78aace0b5a2cd09df5e6

The first release of Humio Log Collector our native Log shipper which can be used to ship local files to a Humio repository by specifying an ingest token. This version of the log collector offers the following features.

Improvements, new features and functionality

  • Managing Data

    • Collects from local files using a glob pattern (so single file, directory, recursive, etc) and from windows eventlogs and system logs.

    • Only handles single line events

    • Tails for new events in the file.

    • Offers a sub-second ingest lag between a line being written and sent to Humio (configurable)

    • Ships all existing events in the file.

    • Buffers in memory.

    • @collect.* metadata attached to the events including unique collector ID, hostname, @collect.timestamp etc

  • Network

    • Offers network compression which defaults to ON.

    • Supports HTTP(S) proxies.