Enrollment Token Options

You can set some options related to the configuration when running the enrollment command.

Disable LogScale Collector Restart on Enroll

The Enroll Command now stops and starts the service during the enrollment process, this behavior can be ommited by using --no.service flag on the enroll command.

Specify Custom Config File Location

The enrollment command overwrites the local file with a startup remote configuration, by default the following paths are used:

  • Linux


  • Windows

    C:\Program Files (x86)\CrowdStrike\Humio Log Collector\config.yaml

If your service used a configuration on a different path, the --cfg argument can be used to place the configuration in a different path.

The argument only affects the path to where the startup config is written, it does not alter the SystemD or Windows service entry.

Specify Custom Datadirectory

The command also sets the datadirectory to the following paths:

  • Linux


  • Windows

    C:\ProgramData\LogScale Collector

If you need to place your data directory at a different path, the --data argument can be provided. The data directory is written to the startup config.

Setting a Proxy

If your setup requires a proxy to communicate with LogScale, it can be configured using the --proxy argument. On some versions of Windows server you must specify --proxy none as an argument.

Specify Trusted Certificate Authority

Add the --ca-file argument and point to a certificate file on disk. The path to the file should be absolute and readable by the service user.

The file will be read on each start of the LogScale collector.


-ca-file "/opt/ca.crt"

Alternatively, the --ca-cert argument can be used with a PEM encoded value, the certificate will be encoded in the startup configuration.


-ca-cert "-----BEGIN
            CERTIFICATE-----\n....\n-----END CERTIFICATE-----