This page lists the various limits of LogScale, for on-prem and LogScale Cloud specific limits. See Ingest via API Best Practices for the best practices relative to ingest via the Ingest API.

General Limits

Below is a list of general limits of LogScale software:

Description Limit Controlling Variable
Max number of fields in an event 1000 MAX_EVENT_FIELD_COUNT
Max event size 1 MB MAX_EVENT_SIZE
Max file size 100 MB MAX_FILEUPLOAD_SIZE
Max query length in characters 66000  
Max number of events in tail(), head(), and sort() functions 20000 MAX_STATE_LIMIT
Max number of events in an rdns() MAX_STATE_LIMIT
Max number of data sources in a repository 10000 MAX_DATASOURCES
Replacement for MAX_JOIN_LIMIT. Sets the max number of rows that join() and selfJoin() can return. Introduced in 1.47.1 200000 or the value of MAX_JOIN_LIMIT, if it has been modified Dynamic configuration JoinRowLimit
Default value for the limit parameter in groupBy(), selfJoin() and some other functions, when not specified. Replacement for the environment variable MAX_STATE_LIMIT to determine the default value. GroupDefaultLimit has a default value of either 20000 or the value of the config GroupMaxLimit, whichever is smallest. GroupDefaultLimit cannot be larger than GroupMaxLimit. Introduced in 1.47.1. 20000 Dynamic configuration GroupDefaultLimit
Max value for limit parameter in the groupBy() function. Previously, this parameter was bounded by MAX_STATE_SIZE, so if you have made any modifications to this variable, set GroupMaxLimit to the same value for a seamless upgrade. The default value of GroupMaxLimit is 200000. Introduced in 1.47.1. 200000 Dynamic configuration GroupMaxLimit
Used as an alternative for the environment variable MAX_STATE_LIMIT. If StateRowLimit is set, then its value will be used instead of MAX_STATE_LIMIT. If it is not set, then MAX_STATE_LIMIT will be used. Introduced in 1.47.1 20000 or the value of MAX_STATE_LIMIT if it has been modified Dynamic configuration StateRowLimit
Max number of results that any query can give. Introduced in 1.47.1 100000 or the value of StateRowLimit, whichever is largest Dynamic configuration QueryResultRowCountLimit
Max memory, in bytes, a historic/static query can consume during its execution. Replacement for the environment variable MAX_MEMORY_FOR_REDUCE, so if you have changed the value of MAX_MEMORY_FOR_REDUCE, use QueryMemoryLimit instead. Defaults to 100,000,000 bytes (100MB). See also LiveQueryMemoryLimit for live queries. Introduced in 1.47.1. 100.000.000 bytes (100MB) Dynamic configuration QueryMemoryLimit
Max memory a live query can consume during its execution. LiveQueryMemoryLimit determines how much memory in bytes a live query can consume during its execution. For non-live queries, their memory limit is determined by the QueryMemoryLimit, which is 100MB by default. By default LiveQueryMemoryLimit has the same value as QueryMemoryLimit. Introduced in 1.47.1 100,000,000 bytes (100MB) Dynamic configuration LiveQueryMemoryLimit

LogScale Cloud Limits

In addition to the limits listed above, below are limits that are specific to LogScale Cloud:

Description Limit Notes
Max body size in POST requests after decompression. 32M bytes Reached mainly when ingesting large bulks of events.