Single Node Setup

This document shows you how to install Humio on a single Ubuntu Server 18.04 or later LTS node. However, Humio doesn't recommend this configuration for production purposes. Production environments should be clustered for failover and redundancy purposes. This configuration is only provided for learning purposes and for proof of concept situations. Single server and multi-server installations do have differences in their set up.

For multi-server installation, please see Cluster Management.

System Requirements

In order to install and run Humio on a single server, the server will requires a minimum of 16 CPU cores, 16 GB of memory, and a 1 GBit Network card. Disk space will depend on the amount of ingested data per day and the number of retention days. This is calculated as follows: Retention Days x GB Injected / Compression Factor. That will determine the needed disk space for a single server.

For more information on retention in Humio, see Data Retention. For more information on compression in Humio, see Instance Sizing.

On Amazon's AWS, for a single server, start with Ubuntu M5.4XL. This instance type contains 16 vCPUs, 64 GB memory, up to 10 Gbps network). Plus, using AWS with Ubuntu is the easiest method for installing Humio.

In addition to port 22 for SSH, the Humio node requires port 8080 opened to incoming traffic for handling requests by the web application (i.e., the Humio User Interface) and API. If the node is to be part of a cluster, it will need to have TCP incoming ports 8080 and 9200 open, although 9200 is optional.

As for software in addition to whatever is used by the operating system and normal server functions, you'll have to install the following:

Java Virtual Machine

Humio runs on the Java Virtual Machine. You'll have to install JVM 11.2+3 before installing Humio.

Apache Kafka

Humio uses Apache Kafka internally for queuing incoming messages, and for storing shared state when running Humio in a cluster setup. You'll need to install Apache Kafka 2.4+.


Humio uses Kafka 3.4.X to buffer ingest and sequence events among the nodes of a Humio cluster. Kafka requires Zookeeper for coordination.


The last software you'll need to install is the Humio software. Click on the heading here to see preparation, download, and installation instructions.