Operator Custom Resources

The operator overall supports two types of custom resources:

  • The first type makes it possible to manage a LogScale cluster by leveraging the CRD HumioCluster. This will spin up and manage the cluster pods that makes up a LogScale cluster and the related Kubernetes resources to run the LogScale cluster.

  • The second group of custom resources are focused on creating LogScale specific resources within LogScale clusters by using the LogScale API to manage them. At the time of writing, the humio-operator project supports the following CRDs for managing LogScale functionality:

    • HumioAction

    • HumioAlert

    • HumioIngestToken

    • HumioParser

    • HumioRepository

    • HumioView

Within the Kubernetes ecosystem it is very common to follow GitOps-style workflows. To help bridge the gap, even for clusters that aren't managed by the humio-operator, there is a HumioExternalCluster CRD. This CRD can be configured with a URL and token to any LogScale cluster, that you may want to manage e.g. alerts using "HumioAlert" resources on some cluster where the cluster pods themselves are not managed by the humio-operator. Since this uses the regular LogScale APIs, this can also be used by customers to manage resources on the LogScale cloud.