Ingress Configuration

The humio-operator contains one built-in ingress implementation, which relies on ingress-nginx to expose the cluster to the outside of the Kubernetes cluster. The built-in support for ingress-nginx should be seen mostly as a good starting point and source of inspiration, if it does not match certain requirements, it is possible to point alternative ingress controllers to the "Service" resource(s) pointing to the cluster pods. The built-in support for ingress-nginx only works if there is a single node pool with all nodes performing all tasks.

In most managed Kubernetes environment ingress has been integrated with the providers environment to orchestrate the creation of load balancers to load balance traffic to the LogScale service. In AWS when using the AWS Load Balancer Controller add-on (installation documentation) the following ingress object can be created to load balance external traffic to the basic-cluster service that was shown previously.

Basic Traefik IngressRoute example

kind: Ingress
  namespace: logging
  name: basic-cluster-ingress
  annotations: internet-facing ip /api/v1/status HTTPS '[{"HTTPS":443}]' arn:aws:acm:xxxxxx:999999999999:certificate/xxxxxxxxx
  ingressClassName: alb
    - http:
        - path: /
          pathType: Prefix
              name: basic-cluster-1
                number: 8080

Pods running ingress can be scaled dynamically using the Kubernetes Horizontal Pod Autoscaler