Cloud Hosted LogScale

You can register for a free account using Falcon LogScale Community Edition.

To get started with a full account, go to Getting Started with Cloud-hosted Falcon LogScale and request an account.

From your Cloud-hosted LogScale account, you can use the Interactive Tutorial to see how LogScale works with sample data. If you like what you see, you can configure your server to send log and metric data to your private, LogScale Cloud repository — while still using a trial account. This will allow you to see what LogScale can do with your data. You might also read our Getting Started Tutorial as a compliment to the trial cloud account. Once you're convinced that LogScale will work for you, you can make your trial account a permanent one. Then you can add several repositories.

Below is a list of what you'll find in this section of the Documentation to help you use Cloud-hosted LogScale. For any topic that interests you, click on the heading to go to the related documentation page.

Organization Settings

Organization Settings explains how to do manage your organization through the LogScale User Interface.

Identity Providers

User authentication is an important part of user access, but it can be cumbersome to maintain a multiple systems. LogScale can be integrated with security systems you may already have in place.

S3 Archiving (Cloud)

Archiving ingested logs to Amazon S3. The archived logs are then available for further processing in any external system that integrates with S3.

These documentation pages are about managing your Falcon LogScale environment. For guidance on using the UI to manage your LogScale environment, see LogScale User Interface.