Removed: 1.21

This query function has been removed.

EXPERIMENTAL. Calculates percentiles over numbers. Returns one event with a field for each of the percentiles specified in the percentiles parameter. Fields are named like by appending _ (underscore) to the values specified in the percentiles parameter. For example the event could contain the fields _50, _75 and _99. Input can be a number OR the special format for the moment sketch "[min,max,Σv⁰,Σv¹,Σ,²,...]" used for client-side computed sketches.

asstringfalse Prefix of output fields.
fieldstringtrue Specifies the field for which to calculate percentiles. The field must contain numbers. [a]
knumberfalse5Specifies the order of the underlying polynomial.
percentilesnumberfalse[50, 75, 99]Specifies which percentiles to calculate.

[a] If an argument name is not given, field is the default argument.

moment() Examples

Calculate 50,75,99, and 99.9 percentiles for events with the field responsetime:

percentile(field=responsetime, percentiles=[50, 75, 99, 99.9])

In a timechart, calculate percentiles for both of the fields r1 and r2: