Formatting Query Functions

LogScale's query functions take a set of events, parameters, or configurations; and produce, reduce, or modify values within that set, or within the events themselves within the query pipeline.

Table: Formatting Query Functions

FunctionImplied ArgumentAvailabilityDescription
format([as], field, format, [timezone])format Formats a string using printf-style.
formatDuration([as], field, [from], [precision])field Formats a duration into a more readable string.
formatTime(as, [field], format, [locale], [timezone])format Formats a string according to strftime, similar to unix strftime.
json:prettyPrint([as], [field], [step], [strict])field Nicer output to a JSON field.
lower([as], field, [type])field Changes text of a given string field to lower-case letters.
lowercase(field, [include], [locale])field Changes field name or content to lowercase for parsers.
upper([as], field, [locale])field Changes contents of a string field to upper-case letters.