This function is considered experimental and under active development and should not be used in production.

The function must be enabled using the feature flag ArrayFunctions. See Enabling/Disabling Features.

Computes a value from all events and array elements of the specified array.

arraystringtrue The prefix of the array in Humio, for example for events with fields 'incidents[0], incidents[1], ...' this would be 'incidents'. [a]
functionstringtrue The function to be applied to each element.
varstringtrue Array element field name to use in the function.

[a] When you provide only one parameter, the implied parameter is array

Syntactically, the function is similar to:

split(array) | function(array)

but is more efficient.


Compute the maximum value of all values in an array named values in all events:

array:reduceAll(values, var=x, function=max(x))

Group by array values and the non-array field type

array:reduceAll(values, var=x, function=groupby([type, x]))