Configuration Parameters

Below is an alphabetical list of all of the Configuration Parameters (environment variables) used to configure LogScale on your Infrastructure. These are paramters that are exclusively related to LogScale software, as well as options that are related to other systems that integrate with LogScale (e.g., Amazon AWS, Google Cloud). Click on the name of a variable below for more details on it, along with related and similar options.

Use a simple text editor to open the LogScale configuration file, server.conf in the /etc/humio directory, and to change any of these variables on an installation of LogScale software. Once you've finished making changes, be sure to restart LogScale, depending on how you deployed it, for the server — or for each node affected in a cluster, if not all nodes.

Table: Configuration Parameters Table

VariableDefault ValueAvailabilityDescription
ACTION_LINK_BASE_URLPUBLIC_URL Sets the base URL used in links sent from Actions
ALERT_DESPITE_WARNINGSfalse Alerts are activated even with warnings from the alert query
ALERT_DISCLAIMER  Disclaimer to notify that alerts are sent from a given view or repository
ALERT_MAX_THROTTLE_FIELD_VALUES_STORED100 Maximum number of field values stored for each alert
ALLOW_CHANGE_REPO_ON_EVENTSfalse HEC allows ingest to any specified repository
AUDITLOG_SENSITIVE_RETENTION_DAYS200 * 365 days Controls when sensitive logs are deleted by retention in humio-audit repo
AUTH_BY_PROXY_HEADER_NAMEnone Specifies usernames in header for the proxy
AUTHENTICATION_METHODsingle-user Enables a standard LDAP bind method
AUTO_CREATE_USER_ON_SUCCESSFUL_LOGINfalse Automatically creates users in Humio if they logged in with external authentication methods
AUTO_UPDATE_GROUP_MEMBERSHIPS_ON_SUCCESSFUL_LOGINfalse Allows to transfer group membership rules at login
AUTO_UPDATE_IP_LOCATION_DBtruedeprecated in 1.19.0Deprecated and replaced by AUTO_UPDATE_MAXMIND
AUTO_UPDATE_MAXMINDtrueintroduced in 1.19.0Enables automatic update of MaxMind GeoLite2 database
AUTOSHARDING_CHECKINTERVAL_MS30,000 ms Controls the increase interval of the delay triggered for auto-sharding
AUTOSHARDING_MAX128 shards Controls the number of data sources affected by auto-sharding
AUTOSHARDING_TRIGGER_DELAY_MS3,600,000 ms Sets the delay in ms to trigger auto-sharding in case of high load
AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID  Sets the access key for AWS
AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY  Sets the secret access key for AWS
BACKUP_DIRhumio-backupdeprecated in 1.57Specifies the directory where to write a backup of the data files
BACKUP_KEYdeveloper Specifies the secret key used for encryption for data files backup
BACKUP_NAMEnonedeprecated in 1.57Names the backup of the data files
BITBUCKET_OAUTH_CLIENT_IDnone The Key from your BitBucket OAuth Consumer
BITBUCKET_OAUTH_CLIENT_SECRETnone The Secret from your BitBucket OAuth Consumer
BLOCK_SIZE_MAX_KB1,024 KBintroduced in 1.5.14Maximum size in KB to target for blocks in a single segment
BLOCK_SIZE_MIN_KB384 KBintroduced in 1.5.14Minimum size in KB to target for blocks in a single segment
BLOCKS_PER_MINISEGMENT128 Desired number of blocks in a mini-segment
BLOCKS_PER_SEGMENT8,000 Desired number of blocks in a final segment
BOOTSTRAP_HOST_ID0 Sets an ID for the server at first start up
BOOTSTRAP_HOST_UUID_COOKIEnone Sets a unique identifier of the local filesystem contents
BOOTSTRAP_ROOT_TOKEN_HASHED  Specifies the hashed root token for a Humio instance
BUCKET_STORAGE_IGNORE_ETAG_UPLOADfalse For bucket storage to work with MinIO, disables checksum matching while uploading the file
BUCKET_STORAGE_MULTIPLE_ENDPOINTSfalseintroduced in 1.36Proxy configuration applied to all bucket storage backends or not
BUCKET_STORAGE_SSE_COMPATIBLE introduced in 1.47.1Makes bucket storage not verify checksums of raw objects after uploading to an S3
CACHE_STORAGE_DIRECTORYnone Enables a local cache of segment files
CACHE_STORAGE_PERCENTAGE90 Enable caching of files from a slow network file system (EBS) or for a file system on spinning disks
COMPRESSION_LEVEL6 or 9 Data compression level in segment files
COMPRESSION_LEVEL_MINI0 Data compression level in minisegment files
COMPRESSION_TYPEhigh Sets default compression levels for segments and minisegments
COOKIE_DOMAIN  Sets the domain when configuring session cookies
COOKIE_PATH  Indicates a URL path that must exist in the requested URL in order to send the cookie header
COOKIE_SAMESITE  Sets whether the cookie should be restricted to first-party or same-site context
COOKIE_SECURE  Indicates that the cookie is sent to the server only when the request is made with the https: scheme
CORESAvailable Processors Specifies the number of CPU cores for the machine running Humio
CORS_ALLOWED_ORIGINStrueintroduced in 1.37.0Websites or IP addresses that allow Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
CREATE_HUMIO_SEARCH_ALLfalse Allows creation of humio-search-all view
DAYS_BEFORE_TOMBSTONE_DELETION14 Controls the restorability of deleted repositories or views
DEFAULT_ALLOW_REBALANCE_EXISTING_SEGMENTStrue Controls whether or not the existing segment decider will run
DEFAULT_ALLOW_UPDATE_DESIRED_DIGESTERStrue Enables automatic management of the digest partition table
DEFAULT_DIGEST_REPLICATION_FACTOR3 Allows configuration of the replication factor used for the digest partitions table
DEFAULT_GROUPS  List of default groups that users belong to
DEFAULT_PARTITION_COUNT24 Initial partition count for storage partitions
DEFAULT_SEGMENT_REPLICATION_FACTOR1 Controls segment file redundancy
DELETE_BACKUP_AFTER_MILLIS604,800,000 ms Configures when data files backup must be deleted
DELETE_ON_INGEST_QUEUEtrue Deletes events from the ingest queue
DIGEST_EXECUTOR_CORESCORES Divided by 2 Internal configuration to half the number of CPU cores set in CORES variable
DIGEST_REPLICATION_FACTOR  Sets the replication factor for digest
DIRECTORYhumio-data Data directory for LogScale
DUMP_THREADS_SECONDS  Specifies the interval thread dumps are written with
ELASTIC_PORT  Sets the port for ElasticSearch bulk endpoint
EMAIL_ACTION_DISCLAIMER  Disclaimer in every email to clarify alerts or scheduled searches are sent as Humio actions
EMERGENCY_USERSfalse Enables emergency users in case of issues with identity provider
ENABLE_ALERTStrue Enables/disables all alerts
ENABLE_BEARER_TOKEN_AUTHORIZATIONfalseintroduced in 1.42.0Using less secure bearer token instead of secure cookies
ENABLE_EVENT_FORWARDINGfalseintroduced in 1.19Enables/disables event forwarding
ENABLE_FDR_POLLING_ON_NODEfalseintroduced in 1.19Enables polling and ingest of FDR data on the Humio node
ENABLE_PERSONAL_API_TOKENStrue Enables/disables use of personal API tokens
ENABLE_QUERY_LOAD_BALANCINGtrueintroduced in 1.14Allows queries to execute locally on the node that receives the requests
ENABLE_SANDBOXEStrueintroduced in 1.54Enables/disables sandbox repositories
ENABLE_SCHEDULED_SEARCHEStrueintroduced in 1.19Controls whether scheduled searches should be executed to trigger actions
ENFORCE_AUDITABLEfalse Controls permissions and Enforce Auditable mode for root access
EXACT_MATCH_LIMIT1,000,000 Sets the limit for exact match state size
EXTERNAL_URLhttp://localhost:PORT URL that other hosts can use to reach this server
EXTRA_KAFKA_CONFIGS_FILE  Allows to add extra Kafka configuration properties
FDR_USE_PROXY introduced in 1.53.0Makes the FDR job use the proxy settings specified with HTTP_PROXY_* environment variables
FDR_VISIBILITY_TIMEOUT15 mintroduced in 1.53.0Visibility timeout of SQS messages read by FDR integration
FEDERATED_QUERY_ENABLEDfalse Removed from the product and not available any longer.
FLUSH_BLOCK_SECONDS1,800 seconds How long a mini-segment can stay open
FORWARDING_BREAKER_EXP_BACKOFF_FACTOR2.0introduced in 1.19Increase reset time after each new failure
FORWARDING_BREAKER_FAILURES50introduced in 1.19Failures before stopping all events in event forwarding
FORWARDING_BREAKER_MAX_RESET60 secondsintroduced in 1.19Max reset time in event forwarding
FORWARDING_BREAKER_RESET1 secondintroduced in 1.19Awaiting time before a new event in event forwarding
FORWARDING_BREAKER_TIMEOUT10introduced in 1.19Timeout before a call is considered a failure
FORWARDING_MAX_CONCURRENCY50,000introduced in 1.19Max number of events waiting to be forwarded
GC_KILL_FACTOR1 Multiplier applied to timeSpentOnGC
GC_KILL_THRESHOLD_MILLIS  Threshold for timeSpentOnGC that makes Humio exit when exceeded
GCP_EXPORT_WORKLOAD_IDENTITY  Uses Workload Identity for exporting to bucket of query results
GCP_STORAGE_BUCKET  Sets the name of the bucket to use
GCP_STORAGE_ENCRYPTION_KEY  Sets the encryption key of the bucket to use
GCP_STORAGE_OBJECT_KEY_PREFIX  Allows nodes to share a bucket
GCP_STORAGE_WORKLOAD_IDENTITY  Uses Workload Identity for bucket storage
GLOB_ALLOW_LIST_EMAIL_ACTIONSAllow allintroduced in 1.74Blocks recipients of email actions that are not in the provided allow list.
GLOB_MATCH_LIMIT20,000introduced in 1.51Sets the maximum number of rows for csv_file in match() function
GLOBAL_THROTTLE_PERCENTAGE20introduced in 1.69Percentage of time allowed for a global publishing thread before other transactions of that type are throttled
GOOGLE_OAUTH_CLIENT_ID  The client_id from your Google OAuth App
GOOGLE_OAUTH_CLIENT_SECRET  The client_secret your GitHub OAuth App
HASHFILTER_FILL30introduced in 1.5.14Target fill percentage of pre-filter
HTTP_PROXY_ALLOW_ACTIONS_NOT_USEfalseintroduced in 1.19.0Allows actions not to use HTTP proxy
HTTP_PROXY_ALLOW_NOTIFIERS_NOT_USEfalsedeprecated in 1.19.0Configures alert notifiers not to use HTTP proxy
HTTP_PROXY_HOST  Allows Humio to access Internet via HTTP proxy
HTTP_PROXY_PASSWORD  Sets the password for HTTP proxy configuration
HTTP_PROXY_PORT3129 Sets the port for HTTP proxy configuration
HTTP_PROXY_USERNAME  Sets the username for HTTP proxy configuration
HUMIO_HTTP_BINDHUMIO_SOCKET_BIND IP to bind the http listening socket to
HUMIO_JVM_ARGS  Allows supplement or tune JVM with Humio running
HUMIO_KAFKA_TOPIC_PREFIX  Adds a prefix to the topic names in Kafka
HUMIO_LOG4J_CONFIGURATION  Sets the path for the log4j2-custom-config file
HUMIO_PORT  Sets the TCP port to listen for HTTP traffic
HUMIO_SOCKET_BIND0.0.0.0 Sets the IP address to bind the UDP/TCP/HTTP listening sockets
IDLE_POLL_TIME_BEFORE_DASHBOARD_QUERY_IS_CANCELLED_MINUTES3 Time in minutes dashboard queries keep running when not polled
INGEST_QUEUE_INITIAL_PARTITIONS24 Initial partition count for digest partitions
INGEST_QUEUE_REPLICATION_FACTOR2 Replication factor for the Kafka ingest queue
INGESTQUEUE_COMPRESSION_LEVEL0 Compression level for the Kafka ingest queue
INITIAL_FEATURE_FLAGSfalseintroduced in 1.35Enables/disables features within Humio
IOC_CROWDSTRIKE_API_CLIENT_ID  Sets the client ID for CrowdStrike Intel API
IOC_CROWDSTRIKE_API_CLIENT_SECRET  Sets the client secret for CrowdStrike Intel API
IOC_CROWDSTRIKE_API_URL  CrowdStrike API server URL for IOCs database download
IOC_UPDATE_SERVER_URL API server URL for IOCs database download
IOC_USE_HTTP_PROXYtrue Allows to choose HTTP_PROXY for IOCs database update
IP_FILTER_ACTIONS introduced in 1.19IP-based access control list (ACL) for outgoing connections made by actions. Replaces IP_FILTER_NOTIFIERS
IP_FILTER_NOTIFIERS introduced in 1.17IP-based access control list (ACL) for outgoing connections made by notifiers. Replaced by IP_FILTER_NOTIFIERS
IP_FILTER_RDNS introduced in 1.37IP filter for filtering which IP addresses may be queried with the rdns function
IP_FILTER_RDNS_SERVER introduced in 1.37IP filter for filtering which DNS servers may be specified in the rdns function
KAFKA_CLIENT_RACK introduced in 1.86.0Specifies the client.rack value directly.
KAFKA_CLIENT_RACK_ENV_VARzoneintroduced in 1.86.0Finds the name of the variable that holds the value of client.rack.
KAFKA_MANAGED_BY_HUMIOtrue Set/unset Humio to create topics and manage replicas in Kafka
KAFKA_SERVERS  Kafka bootstrap servers list
LDAP_AUTH_PRINCIPAL  Allows to transform Humio login usernames so to enable LDAP authentication
LDAP_AUTH_PRINCIPALS_REGEX  Separates multiple patterns with users in more locations within LDAP
LDAP_AUTH_PROVIDER_CERT  Specifies the PEM-format value of the certificate required when enabling TLS/SSL-secured communications to the LDAP server
LDAP_AUTH_PROVIDER_URL  The URL to connect to for LDAP authentication
LDAP_DOMAIN_NAME  Allows users to login with their username and not domain name
LDAP_GROUP_BASE_DN  The query to perform to get the user's groups for LDAP
LDAP_GROUPNAME_ATTRIBUTE introduced in 1.6.10Allows using an alternate attribute on the group record in LDAP as the group name in Humio RBAC configuration
LDAP_SEARCH_BASE_DN  Sets the base DN for LDAP-Search authentication method
LDAP_USERNAME_ATTRIBUTE introduced in 1.6.10Allows choosing some attribute in the LDAP user record as the username in Humio
LIVEQUERY_CANCEL_COST_PERCENTAGE10 Backlog allowed before canceling the queries with the highest cost
LIVEQUERY_CANCEL_TRIGGER_DELAY_MS60 ms Controls canceling of the most consuming live queries
LIVEQUERY_STALE_CANCEL_COST_PERCENTAGE10 Controls discard of live queries that have not been polled by a client for a while
LIVEQUERY_STALE_CANCEL_TRIGGER_DELAY_MS20,000 ms Controls discard of live queries that have not been polled by a client for a while
LOCAL_STORAGE_MIN_AGE_DAYS  Minimum number of days to keep a fresh segment file before it is deleted locally
LOCAL_STORAGE_PERCENTAGE  Sets a limit to the percentage of disk full
MAX_CHARS_TO_FIND_TIMESTAMP  Sets the number of characters searched by the findTimestamp() function
MAX_DATASOURCES10,000introduced in 1.1.10Maximum number of data sources in a repository
MAX_DISTINCT_TAG_VALUES1,000 Allows auto-grouping of tags
MAX_EVENT_FIELD_COUNT1,000 Controls the enforced maximum number of fields in an event in the ingest phase
MAX_EVENT_SIZE1 MiB Controls the maximum allowed event size
MAX_FILEUPLOAD_SIZE1 MiB Controls the maximum size of uploaded files
MAX_HOURS_SEGMENT_OPEN24 Hours limit a segment file can be open before being flushed
MAX_INGEST_DELAY_SECONDS3,600 seconds Events backlog allowed before Humio starts responding on http interfaces
MAX_INGEST_REQUEST_SIZE32 MBintroduced in 1.64Size limit of ingest requests after content-encoding has been applied
MAX_INTERNAL_STATESIZE128 MiB Controls the size of query states
MAX_JITREX_BACKTRACK1,000 Limits CPU resources spent in a regex match
MAX_JOIN_LIMIT100,000 Controls the limit parameter of the join function.
MAX_NUMBER_OF_GLOBALDATA_DUMPS_TO_KEEP20 Maximum number of global data dumps
MAX_SECS_WAIT_FOR_SYNC_WHEN_CHANGING_DIGEST_LEADER5 minutesintroduced in 1.66Controls when digest coordination will permit a node that is not in sync
MAX_SERIES_LIMIT50 Determines the max amount of series in a bucket and/or timechart.
MAX_STATE_LIMIT20000 Controls the maximum number of events in some given functions
MAX_ZDICT_SIZE384 * 1,024 bytes MAX_ZDICT_SIZE Environment Variable
MAXMIND_ACCOUNT_IDtrue Controls automatic update of MaxMind IP location database
MAXMIND_BASE_URL  Enables to change the base path to download MaxMind from
MAXMIND_EDITION_ID deprecated in 1.19.0Deprecated, replaced by MAXMIND_IP_LOCATION_EDITION_ID
MAXMIND_IP_LOCATION_EDITION_ID  Allows to use an alternative MaxMind database for IP location information (optional)
MAXMIND_LICENSE_KEY  Where to specify the license key for your account if you have a MaxMind license
MERGE_UNDERSIZED_SEGMENTS_ENABLEDtrue Reduces the number of small files on disk by merging segments in larger files
MINI_SEGMENT_MAX_MERGE_DELAY_MS_BEFORE_WARNING48 msintroduced in 1.45.0Logs a warning if mini segment is not merged
MS_BEFORE_DATASPACE_CONTENT_DELETION10 days in milliseconds Deletes dependent entities after a given time
NATIVE_FADVICE_SUPPORTtrueintroduced in 1.38Turns off fadvice internally
NATIVE_FALLOCATE_SUPPORTtrueintroduced in 1.38Turns off fallocate and ftruncate internally
NODE_ROLESall Selects roles for node
OIDC_USE_HTTP_PROXYtrueintroduced in 1.57Whether to use the HTTP proxy for calling OIDC
OIDC_AUDIENCE  Audience to expect in a JWT
OIDC_AUTHORIZATION_ENDPOINT  URL to endpoint user is redirected to when authorizing
OIDC_CACHE_USERINFO_MS600,000 ms How long user info is cached on a Humio node
OIDC_GROUPS_CLAIMhumio-groups Claim name to interpret as the groups in Humio
OIDC_JWKS_URI  URL to JWKS endpoint for keys to validate tokens
OIDC_OAUTH_CLIENT_ID  Client ID of OpenID application
OIDC_OAUTH_CLIENT_SECRET  Client secret of OpenID application
OIDC_PROVIDER  URL to the OpenID Connect provider
OIDC_SCOPES  OIDC_SCOPES Environment Variable
OIDC_SERVICE_NAMEOpenID Connect OIDC provider name displayed at sign in
OIDC_TOKEN_ENDPOINT  URL to token endpoint used to exchange authentication code to an access token
OIDC_TOKEN_ENDPOINT_AUTH_METHOD  Authorization method for a token endpoint
OIDC_USERINFO_ENDPOINT  URL to user info endpoint to retrieve user information from an access token
OIDC_USERNAME_CLAIMhumio-user Name of the claim to interpret as username in Humio
ONLY_CREATE_USER_IF_SYNCED_GROUPS_HAVE_ACCESSfalse Controls whether users are created if synced groups have access to sandbox and sys repo
PERMISSION_MODEL_MODE removed in 1.37Allows to convert RBAC config file to new RBAC model
POSTMARK_FROM  Send emails using the Postmark service
POSTMARK_SERVER_SECRET  Sets the values for your server's token when using the Postmark service
PRIMARY_STORAGE_MAX_FILL_PERCENTAGE  Primary segment files' storage limit
PRIMARY_STORAGE_PERCENTAGE  Primary segment files' storage limit
PROMETHEUS_METRICS_PORT  Enables Prometheus to scrape metrics from Humio
PUBLIC_URL  RL where Humio instance is reachable from a browser
QUERY_CACHE_MIN_COST1,000L Enables/disables caching when using features that store a copy of live search results to the local disk
QUERY_COORDINATORtrue Whether this node should act as a query coordinator
QUERY_EXECUTOR_CORES  Controls the number of CPU cores to reduce pressure on context switching due to hyper-threading
RDNS_DEFAULT_SERVER introduced in 1.37Default server to use for reverse DNS queries using rdns() function
READ_GROUP_PERMISSIONS_FROM_FILEfalse Allows groups and roles to be converted to new RBAC model and visible under Administration in read-only
S3_ARCHIVING_ACCESSKEY  Sets the S3 access keys for archiving ingested logs in export format
S3_ARCHIVING_ENDPOINT_BASE  Allows to point to a non-AWS endpoint for archiving
S3_ARCHIVING_SECRETKEY  Sets the S3 secret key for archiving of ingested logs in an export format
S3_ARCHIVING_USE_HTTP_PROXYtrue Whether to use the globally configured HTTP proxy for communicating with S3
S3_ARCHIVING_WORKERCOUNT1 Sets the number of parallel workers for upload
S3_EXPORT_USE_HTTP_PROXYtrue Enables/disables HTTP proxy configured for exporting to Amazon S3
S3_RECOVER_FROM_KMS_KEY_ARN introduced in 1.47.1Arn to the KMS key when using server side encryption on a recovery bucket
S3_STORAGE_2_KMS_KEY_ARN introduced in 1.47.1Arn to the KMS key when using server side encryption on a 2nd bucket
S3_STORAGE_ACCESSKEY  Sets the access key for S3 storage
S3_STORAGE_BUCKET  Bucket storage S3 variant
S3_STORAGE_CHUNK_COUNT  The number of parallel chunks at a time for each file in S3 storage
S3_STORAGE_CHUNK_SIZE  Sets the S3 storage size for improved performance
S3_STORAGE_DOWNLOAD_CONCURRENCY  The number of concurrent downloading files in S3 storage
S3_STORAGE_ENCRYPTION_KEY  Sets the encryption key for S3 storage
S3_STORAGE_ENDPOINT_BASE  Sets the URL for pointing to your own non-AWS endpoint for S3 storage
S3_STORAGE_KMS_KEY_ARN introduced in 1.47.1Arn to the KMS key when using server side encryption on a bucket
S3_STORAGE_OBJECT_KEY_PREFIX  Sets the optional prefix for all object keys
S3_STORAGE_PREFERRED_COPY_SOURCEfalse Controls how to download segments from bucket storage when prefetching
S3_STORAGE_SECRETKEY  Sets Secret Key for S3 bucket storage
S3_STORAGE_UPLOAD_CONCURRENCY  The number of concurrent uploading files in S3 storage
S3_STORAGE_USE_HTTP_PROXYtrue Enables/disables HTTP proxy for communicating with Amazon Bucket Storage
S3_STORAGE_WORKERCOUNT  Number of parallel workers for upload.
SAML_DEBUGfalse SAML_DEBUG Environment Variable
SAML_GROUP_MEMBERSHIP_ATTRIBUTE  Synchronizes the groups upon successful login in Humio
SAML_IDP_CERTIFICATE  Provides a certificate for authentication
SAML_IDP_ENTITY_ID  IDP identifier used internally in the authentication flow
SAML_IDP_SIGN_ON_URL  User accessing Humio is redirected to this variable and authentication flow starts
SAML_USER_ATTRIBUTE  Allows to set a different user attribute name
SCHEDULED_SEARCH_BACKFILL_LIMIT5introduced in 1.19Controls the global maximum backfill limit for scheduled searches
SCHEDULED_SEARCH_DESPITE_WARNINGSfalseintroduced in 1.19Controls actions trigger in schedules searches in case of warnings
SECONDARY_DATA_DIRECTORY  Enables a secondary file system to store segment files
SECONDARY_STORAGE_MAX_FILL_PERCENTAGE  Sets the limit for secondary storage in percentage
SEGMENT_READ_FADVICEfalseintroduced in 1.85.0Turns on the use of fadvice, which is disabled by default.
SEND_USER_INVITEStrue Sets whether to send email invitations
SERVER  SERVER Environment Variable
SHARED_DASHBOARDS_ENABLEDtrue Allows to disable shared dashboards
SHUTDOWN_ABORT_FLUSH_TIMEOUT_MILLIS30,000 ms How long the digest worker thread keeps working on flushing the contents of in-memory buffers at shutdown
SINGLE_USER_PASSWORD  Sets the password for single-user authentication mode
SINGLE_USER_USERNAMEuser Sets the username for single-user authentication mode
SMTP_HOST  Allows to send emails using an SMTP server
SMTP_PASSWORD  Sets the secret password when using an SMTP server for emails
SMTP_PORT  Sets the port number when using an SMTP server for emails
SMTP_SENDER_ADDRESS  Sets your sender address when using an SMTP server for emails
SMTP_USE_STARTTLS  Enables/disables StartTLS when using an SMTP server for emails
SMTP_USERNAME  Sets your username when using an SMTP server for emails
STATIC_IMAGE_CONTENT_URL  Allows note widgets to display images from the configured URL
STORAGE_REPLICATION_FACTOR  Sets the replication factor for storage
STREAMING_QUERY_KEEPALIVE_NEWLINESfalse Whether to emit a newline into streaming query responses
STREAMING_QUERY_KEEPALIVE_NEWLINES_ON_NODESfalse Whether to emit a newline into streaming query responses for internal requests
STREAMING_QUERY_KEEPALIVE_TIMEOUTunset The keep-alive duration to set on HTTP responses for streaming queries
TAG_HASHING_BUCKETS32 Used to support auto-grouping of tags
TCP_INGEST_MAX_TIMEOUT_SECONDS  Sets the timeout for TCP ingest listeners
TLS_CIPHER_SUITES  Used to set the allowed TLS protocols and cipher suites
TLS_CLIENT_ALIAS  Alias of the key in the keystore to use when a client request is made from other Humio instances or to a webhook notifier
TLS_CLIENT_AUTHfalse Whether to require TLS client authentication
TLS_DEFAULT_ALIAS  Alias of the key in the keystore to use when serving a client without an SNI extension header
TLS_HOSTNAME_VERIFICATION_FILTER  Whether to perform hostname verification
TLS_KEY_PASSWORD  The key password for TLS
TLS_KEYSTORE_TYPE  The type of keystore, either PKCS12 or JKS
TLS_PROTOCOLS  Sets the TLS protocols to allow when communicating
TLS_SERVER  Whether TLS should be used when serving the web interface
TLS_TRUSTSTORE_LOCATION  Path to the truststore
TLS_TRUSTSTORE_PASSWORD  Password to unlock the truststore, if any
TLS_TRUSTSTORE_TYPE  The type of truststore, either PKCS12 or JKS
TOP_K_MAX_MAP_SIZE_LIVE8 * 1,024 bytes TOP_K_MAX_MAP_SIZE_LIVE Environment Variable
TOPIC_MAX_MESSAGE_BYTES8,388,608 bytes When LogScale is managing Kafka, overrides the default message size.
UI_AUTH_FLOWtrue UI_AUTH_FLOW Environment Variable
USING_EPHEMERAL_DISKSfalse Whether to use ephemeral disks on all nodes
VALUE_DEDUP_LEVEL  Limits the CPU time spent on removing duplication of values
VERBOSE_AUTHfalse VERBOSE_AUTH Environment Variable
VERIFY_CRC32_ON_SEGMENT_FILEStrueintroduced in 1.1.16Verifies checksum of segments files
WARN_ON_INGEST_DELAY_MILLIS120,000 ms Warns when ingest is delayed
ZONE  When set, allows to spread spread partitions across the different zones
ZOOKEEPER_PREFIX_FOR_NODE_UUID deprecated in 1.70Sets the prefix using distinct values for each rack/availability zone
ZOOKEEPER_URLlocalhost:2181deprecated in 1.70Sets the Zookeeper servers
ZOOKEEPER_URL_FOR_NODE_UUID deprecated in 1.70Sets the URL for node uuid