DescriptionSelects roles for node

Select roles for node.

Supported values for the node are:

  • all

    Node has all roles and can perform any function within the cluster.

  • ingestonly

    Node receives data for ingest and parsers the data into events.

  • httponly

    Handles all sorts of HTTP request, including those of the ingest node.

A more detailed comparison is available in Cluster Nodes.

Digest and Storage nodes within a cluster use the all designation but are configured using Digest Rules and Storage Rules respectively.

Node roles are not combinable; one of the available options must be chosen.


Node Role Feature Matrix

Features for NODE_ROLES all httponly ingestonly
Accept ingest request on HTTP Yes Yes Yes
Accept ingest request on TCP/UDP Yes Yes Yes
Accept full set of HTTP API requests Yes Yes No
Accept file uploads Yes Yes No
Can coordinate queries Yes Yes No
Can coordinate alerts Yes Yes No
Visible in cluster management UI Yes Yes No
Requires significant local storage Yes No No
Can store segment files (events) Yes No No
Can upload segment files to bucket Yes No No
Executes queries on events Yes No No
Can be considered stateless No No Yes