DescriptionSets the TCP port to listen for HTTP traffic

LogScale provides several network related options. This first option would allow notifiers to connect to services on an internal network. The default is to disallow connections them. See IP_FILTER_NOTIFIERS for more information. The second option below is used to set the TCP port to listen for HTTP traffic:

ini files

The third option here is for setting the TCP port for Elasticsearch Bulk API. The next one is to set the TCP port for exporting Prometheus metrics. This is disabled by default.

The last two options here are for setting the IP address to bind. The first is for the UDP/TCP/HTTP listening sockets. Each listener entity has a listen-configuration. This environment variable is used when that is not set. The other is to set the IP address to bind the HTTP listening socket. If not set, it uses the value from HUMIO_SOCKET_BIND.