You can use MinIO as a replacement for Amazon S3 for both S3 Archiving (Self-Install) and Bucket Storage.

Follow these guides, and remember to set the endpoint base for the features you wish to use MinIO with to make sure your data goes to your local instance of MinIO rather than Amazon S3 by default.

ini files

For Humio's bucket storage to work properly with MinIO, set BUCKET_STORAGE_IGNORE_ETAG_UPLOAD equal to true in your configuration, to disable checksum matching while uploading the file; however the file integrity is still ensured.

You also need to set the access style to use the path style for the S3 features you wish to use MinIO with.

ini files
# Set path style access for the S3 archiving feature

# Set path style access for S3 bucket storage

# Set path style access for the export search to S3 feature