LogScale Measurement Repositories

We log your data volume in multiple repositories. You can use them to run audits to see how much data you ingest, which repositories it went to, and how much are you storing.

humio-organization-usage View

The humio-organization-usage view contains logs with information on how much data you are ingesting to LogScale, how much data you have stored, and in which repositories. It also tells you how much data you are scanning when searching through logs.

The following query in your humio-organization-usage View is visualized on the Usage Page as your license consumption:

#measurement = "processed_events"
| repositoryName="*"
| sum(field = byteCount)

To see usage for a specific repository, you can replace the "*" with a specific repository title.

If your order form states that we define data volume as "raw (uncompressed) data ingested by the product", we derive your usage of the license volume from the segmentWriteBytes metric instead. This is the amount of data in bytes written to the disk.

LogId in LogScale Usage Repository

The logs with different #sampleTypes share one value, which is the logId.

#sampleType processedEventsSize logId
repository 2909 2
repository 1290 2
repository 879 2
organization 5078 2

By tracing the logId, you can drill down into your usage, and find out what your usage was in a specific time period, down to an hour, by repository. Since there is unlimited retention on this repository, you will always be able to see your usage from the beginning of your usage of LogScale.