As a part of the Humio Library, the Humio Documentation is essentially the main installation, user and administration manual for Humio. For information on query language and functions, APIs, and configuration variables, see the Reference section. If you’re new to Humio, go to the Training section.

The Documentation is organized into a few major sections; the full table of contents is available on left-hand side of each screen. You can also use the Search (top-right) to find something in particuar.

Details on using the interface to ingest, query and display the data within dashboards.

On creating, configuring and viewing repositories, the main storage mechanism.

Configure Humio to receive your data, and the tools available for sending data to Humio for ingestion.

Creating parsers and using them to extract ingested data into fields and structures for more efficient queries.

Enhance security, configure third-party and SSO authentication, access control, and logging.

Query functions for Humio to filter and aggregate data.

Tools and platforms to integrate Humio with other tools and services.

An easy method for exchanging Humio parsers, queries, dashboards, etc.

Build dashboards to monitor server data with charts and tables.

Automate monitoring to generate alerts and take action.

For resolving and identifying issues and best practice, see the Knowledge Base. Questions on using Humio can be posted on the Humio Community Slack channel. As a support customer, you can submit a Support request.