Sharing Dashboards

If you want to put a dashboard up on a wall monitor, or grant read-only access to individual widgets or entire dashboards publicly or to a limited group, you can use Humio’s Shared Secret URLs feature.

A shared secret URL is a URL containing a special authentication token that grants read-only access to anyone that has the link.


  1. Visit the dashboard you want to make a read-only link for.

  2. Click More (icon with three dots).

Figure 1, The More Menu
  1. Click Wall Monitors & Shared URLs.

Figure 2, Accessing the Shared Links Menu
  1. Give the link a name and click Create Link.

Figure 3, Creating a Shared Link
  1. Visit the shared URL by clicking the Link in the URL column.

    You can now use this link in the browser of your wall monitor or send it to people that should have read-only access.